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Test Notifications

Yehuda Katz: Last week, Carl and I started digging into the Rails initializer, and the tests in the initializer (railties) are more mock-based and less reliable than the tests in ActionPack (which we’ve been working with so far). They’re pretty reasonable unit tests for individual components, but getting all of the tests to pass did not result in an (even close) bootable Rails app.

As work continues on initialization, problems continue to pop up from time to time.  As I write this, there are a number of failures, all of the same basic form: the tests that Rails will generate for a project won’t run.

To help with spreading the word, I’ve created a registration page where those with an interest in doing so can sign up for IM notification on test results.

I’ve worked with OpenID before, but this was the first time I tried the Rails plugin.  It truly does make this much simpler, but one still needs to be aware of the fact that methods that call open_id_authentication will be called twice: once with the original params, and once after all the openid redirects have been processed.  If there is interesting information in the params it needs to be saved someplace, like in the session or a cookie.

I developed the page on my own machine.  One problem that I haven’t fully debugged that I found after I deployed it on DreamHost is that retrieving the value of cookies results in a quoted string, specifically double quotes are added around the value.  Weird.