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XHML 2 Charter Set To Expire

Philippe Le Hegaret and Ian Jacobs: W3C management has decided to allow the Working Group’s charter to expire at the end of 2009 and not to renew it ... we expect the next generation XML serialization of HTML to be defined in the HTML 5 specification.

--- “I want what is good for end-users”, I, John Nobody, said once. And I explicitely showed why and how.
— “I want to be relevant”, said some google cretin, who thought he was “smart” compensating mediocrity by allying with the powers that be.
— “I still get my pay check”, did not explicitely said certain W3C honcho, whose idea of two serializations is not even the pseudo-solution he thinks it is.

So...the death of sanity.
Not just XHTML, mind you, but also XML, eventually. And more importantly, the general drive to sanity, however imperfect.
The death of any resemblance of authority by W3C, too (which granted, was a mirage).

Given capitalism, corporations “win”, everybody loses. No surprises.

Just as in the “real world”.

Crashes DO happen, however.
So do revolutions.

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Biblio: The death of XHTML is the death of who’s sanity? XHTML has been largely irrelevant since it’s inception. And what has this to do with XML in general? XML has a larger use case than the Web, thankfully. Anyone who wants an XML deserialization of HTML, tagsoup or not, can chose from a huge collection of existing tools and libraries. This is largely a solved problem. Dropping XHTML is one of the most sensible things the W3C has done for some time.

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The W3C dropped XHTML2, not XHTML.

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+1 for Noah.

XHTML2 failed because it didn’t really do much to serve the needs of its audience.

HTML5 won because it was backed by people with practical experience designing web browsers and web applications, they preferred HTML to XHTML, and they added some damn cool features that people wanted.

The W3C has only themselves to blame if they lose authority. They took one of the most popular data formats in history, and had it languish at version 4.01 for 10 years.

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