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Chromie Don’t Play That

Alex Russell: Right now, we aren’t supporting the HTTP header (although we do support a separate MIME type, application/chromeframe)

The additional MIME type isn’t mentioned in the ACCEPT header.

Nor is application/xhtml+xml, so my pages are still served as text/html causing the SVG to not be rendered.  And pages served as application/xhtml+xml still result in a Do you want to save this file, or find a program online to open it dialog.

Current tally: Google Chrome Frame violates HTML 4 by using http-equiv to specify something other than an HTTP header, it violates HTML 5 by using an unenumerated value for http-equiv, and violates RFC 2616 by not specifying the correct ACCEPT header.

But perhaps I shouldn’t rely so much on external validation.

Put more constructively, if GCF mentioned application/xhtml+xml AND intercepted it, my site would “just work”.  But that wouldn’t be an “opt in”, a concept that Ian Hickson once described as yet another quirks mode switch.  Alternately, if they supported the HTTP header, I might be willing to consider coding all this in my .htaccess file.  But failing that, and given that I have svgweb, I’m not predisposed to make all of my pages non-conforming at this time.