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XSS Protection by Default in Rails 3.0


Michael Koziarski: Switch to on-by-default XSS escaping for rails.  This consists of:

Not mentioned in the commit message, but for backwards compatibility, html_escape and h helpers still exist, but essentially do nothing.  This change is also being backported to 2.3.

For existing applications, the changes needed will tend to be small and easily spotted.  The biggest impact will be to books and tutorials.  New users will either see what they perceive as line noise being emitted and wonder what they did wrong, or will follow instructions such as the following (from Edition 3) and wonder why it doesn’t work as advertised:

In general, try to get into the habit of typing <%=h … > in templates and then removing the h only when you’ve convinced yourself it’s safe to do so.

For new applications, this is all goodness.  Do nothing in most cases.  Add raw or sanitize only when needed. Edition 4 will be updated to reflect this advice.