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Peg svn revisions

Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, and C. Michael Pilato: You need only append an at sign to the end of the path, such as news@11@.

But only for versions of svn >= 1.5.  Very annoying.  Especially if you have a script that works for everything you throw at it, until it comes across a file with name containing an ‘@’.  So you dutifully add the ‘@’ as others have done, find that the code passes all of your tests and then fails on a co-worker’s machine who is running a different version of svn.

Code to determine what to append to a given name for use in svn commands (including, BTW, proplist, propget, propset,...):

def svn_at name
  if (`svn --version --quiet`.chomp.split('.') <=> %w(1 5)) < 1
  elsif name.include? '@'

My two cents: information on the basic syntax of working copy (WC) paths as used by the command line should not be buried in a chapter named Advanced Topics in a section entitled Peg and Operative Revisions.

Would you mind dumping this post into [link] (our open issue tracker)?



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Done: Issue 70.

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