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Antonio Cangiano: Fine folks from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, China, India, etc, are all excluded from this platform.

Antonio lives in Toronto.

I’m not defending this state of affairs, but the best applications are free (most importantly in the sense of freedom, but usually as in beer too as a consequence). There are no such restrictions on supplying those via the market. Nor is there anything stopping the developers of such superior applications from accepting donations via their chosen means.

I know I’m in a minority, but I am not going to PAY someone to WITHHOLD the source code of some software I need. Especially for a mobile app, which 90% of the time is something even a half-assed developer could knock up in a few hours. If it’s not free(dom)ly available, I’m more inclined to write my own and release it as such.

Another big failing of the Android Market is that you can’t filter out this hidden-source-ware.

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And it’s worth remembering that Google’s European HQ is in Ireland. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

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I would love the Android Marketplace to indicate which apps are open source.  Even better would be native support for forking that didn’t screw over the original developer by flooding the Marketplace with essentially identical apps.  But if we’re going to be realistic, there are a lot of things on the Android guys’ plates.  Can you think of other issues and feature requests that are more important to you?  I know I can.

Disclosure: I work for Google, but not on Android stuff.

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Google European HQ is in ireland? Haha, oh deary me.

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