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Planet Venus as a PubSubHubbub publisher

Matt Domsch: Following are 3 patches which implement PubSubHubbub publishing

By the time he was done, there were a total of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 patches.

To enable, simply pull the latest Venus and add the following to your config.ini, tailoring to taste:

pubsubhubbub_hub =


Posted by Brett Slatkin at

I love the logo for this post.  :-)

Posted by Bob Aman at

Configured Planet Intertwingly to ping see last line of the logfile.

Posted by Sam Ruby at

Hey! Can I ask why you chose the Google Default hub?

Posted by Julien at

Actually, I changed Venus so that there is no default.  Those that wish to publish merely need to identify which hub they wish to use.

Is there a list of known hubs that the documentation could mention?

Posted by Sam Ruby at

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