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The President’s challenge


Nat Torkington: Don’t wait for the time machine, because we’re never going to invent something that returns you to 1965 when copying was hard and you could treat the customer’s convenience with contempt.

Take action.

Also worth reading: Lockdown.

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PIPA/SOPA and Why You Should Care

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Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

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It’s been very hard to vocalize against SOPA when I live in Nashville and 1/3 of my contacts are in the music business, who all want it passed. I still have to speak out that it is a bad law and that my musician friends need to find another way. I have no idea what the Committee is going to do with it now that it is back in their laps for reconsideration.

Thanks for the link to Lockdown. That was a blast from the past for me.


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I agree with Wendy - they need to find another way. I understand the piracy concerns, but giving up free speech is not the way to go.


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