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OpenID upgrades

As a part of my server move, I’ve upgraded my consumer logic to Python openid-2.2.5 and provider from phpMyID to SimpleId 0.8.1.  In theory, I should now support OpenID 2.0.

The one small API change I noted in this process is in the consumer.  server.complete now needs an additional returnto parameter.

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Did you set SIMPLEID_ALLOW_PLAINTEXT to true, and avoid using HTTPS?
Any other change to the default setup?

Posted by Alexandre at

P.S.: I forgot to mention that I am talking about SimpleId.

Posted by Alexandre at

Sorry, I was checking trunk version of SimpleID (0.9 beta). My question is not relevant to 0.8.

Posted by Alexandre at

Any particular reason to switch to SimpleId? I’m currently doing research on both provider and consumer; JanRain libraries looks promising. Besides the lack of documentation, especially about AX integration.

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