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Your Next Desktop Could be a Phone

Henri Sivonen: This getting interesting: Using an Android phone as an Ubuntu desktop when docked

Definitely Want.

Especially love the idea of sending and receiving texts from my desktop.  Would prefer a dock the size of a mac mini with a hard drive, USB and ethernet ports.

The burning question is: why haven’t the hardware vendors been doing this for years?  I presumed this was going to be the story with Maemo (in 2009, at long last), which is why I bought a Nokia N900, only to find docking with a keyboard and screen was still just dreaming.

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This is seemingly where things are moving. Everyone will be able to just carry their computer around with them all day long, no more switching between multiple machines which all have their own ways of doing things. This certainly seems extremely convenient, though backup will become even more paramount in this situation.

When you think about it, the way we do things now seems so primitive in comparison. The human-computer interface is still such a vicious battleground, with the computer often being the victor.

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