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Changing the TAG

Peter Linss: I really want to see the TAG be more involved with the rest of the working groups at the W3C

I’ll come out and say it.  I’m a skeptic.  Each of the nominees are good people.

I’ll note that the three out of the four of the “TAG reformists” statements do NOT list getting involved with the rest of the working groups at the W3C as a goal: Alex Russell, Marcos Cáceres, Anne van Kesteren, and Yehuda Katz.

And outside of Anne, none of them have significantly been involved in the HTML WG.  As to Anne, I don’t see being on the TAG as resolving his concern.

What am I missing?

At the moment I am okay with signing the Invited Expert Agreement to be able to join the TAG. I do not plan on joining any other groups.

Not sure what you are skeptical about, so I cannot comment on that part.

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I quoted the part of Peter’s post that I am skeptical about.

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You are skeptical that Peter wants that? You are skeptical about that being a good idea? You are skeptical about the rest of the TAG wanting that? The subsequent sentence of the nominees being good people also does not follow naturally to me.

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You certainly are a good person with a lot to contribute.

That being said, I am skeptical that electing you to the TAG will achieve the result that Peter is looking for.

Expanding on that: I see a lot of claims of “ivory tower!” and “reform!”.  And yet I don’t see anybody (outside of potentially Marcos) running on a platform of getting the TAG more involved in the manner Peter describes.

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