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RESTful Web APIs

Mike Amundsen: I have the even greater privilege of working with Leonard and Sam on a new book - “RESTful Web APIs”. It’s scheduled for completion by the end of Q1 2013 and should be available soon after.

While I’m formally on this project, I’m not planning on doing any writing beyond possibly an introduction.  As Mike put it, this book isn’t merely a 2nd edition, but rather more of a “follow-up” seven years on.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing where Mike can help Leonard take this work.

Everybody has surely heard the term RESTful, and conceivably utilized it ordinarily, however most likely not very many individuals recognize what it is and how a decent, usable RESTful API ought to be composed. Having unquestionably won its war with SOAP—well, they are utilized as a part of various settings, the prevalence of RESTful APIs exponentially expanded all through the most recent years.

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