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Scott Hanselman: Plex is the media center software ecosystem I’ve been waiting for

Unhappy with Time Warner Cable, I’ve been exploring netflix, dish, sling, roku, samsung, ffmpeg, handbrake, and cclive.  Next up, some form of video capture device... at the moment I’m leaning towards Hauppauge.

I’m not quite prepared to declare Plex as the centerpiece of my home media center, but it certainly has become a key component.

Unlike Scott, I didn’t go with a dedicated NAS box.  Installation of a Plex Media Server on Ubuntu is a snap (though a workaround is needed if you happen to make use of an apt cacher).

Obligatory Cable Guy reference.

A few words on how you pulled things together would be welcome. I set up plex but have really only used it to stream YouTube to a Roku.

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At the moment, it is a bunch of discrete scenarios.

For example, cclive can be used to fetch a youtube video for later viewing.  Should this result in a .flv file, that file can be converted to .mp4 using ffmpeg.  Placing the resulting file into the directory plex serves from, and after causing plex to reindex, I can view the video on any TV via a roku.  I can also stop the video at any time and pick back up from where I left off from my laptop.

That’s just one scenario.  For example, my Samsung TV has a YouTube app.  I can bring up YouTube on my Galaxy S3 and “pair” it with the TV, and watch the video on the TV.

For many videos (not including YouTube, for reasons I don’t quite understand), I can stream the video directly from my phone to my TV using DLNA.

Going back to the mp4 that I fed to plex, I can directly copy that file to my cell phone (for example, using USB) or iPad and watch it later.

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Plex is a great add-on for a Roku box. If you do try out Roku, I recommend that you load up Plex on a server-like system. The combination is great because Roku is very hands-off (consumer-friendly), and Plex adds the ability to watch anything you want.

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I’m not sure if your video toolchain has evolved since this post, but I tried using cclive for a while and found it brittle (at least on OS X through MacPorts.) youtube-dl seems to do everything cclive does, and more, and has a more active community around it. [link]

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Looks like youtube-dl is supported in Ubuntu too.

These days, I’m chromecasting most of the videos I used to download.

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