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Leonard Richardson: Hey, folks, I got some pretty exciting news. Now that RESTful Web APIs has come out, there’s really no reason to buy 2007’s RESTful Web Services. So Sam Ruby and I and O’Reilly have gotten together and started giving the old book away. You can get a PDF from the RESTful Web APIs website or from my now-ancient RESTful Web Services site. The license is BY-NC-ND.

Hi Sam,

I was hugely impressed with your “RESTful Web APIs” book and I’m pushing the ideas strongly in work. But my boss has requested examples of public APIs that are fully RESTful (i.e. using hypermedia properly) from a ‘best-in-breed’ company that has a strong developer community.

Would you have any suggestions...? (I’m going to try and reach out to Leonard and Mike independently too!)



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