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Mark Nottingham: I’m trying HTTP Web Services to see if it will stick. The HTTP is just to disambiguate, for the benefit of folks with muddled heads like mine.

I can just hear it now... but, but, but, I’m using SOAP (or XML-RPC) over HTTP, doesn’t that qualify?  Um, no.

I’ve been using web services (lower case), but perhaps I should give WOA a try.

Web what?

Mark Nottingham: “This is good, because the alternatives aren’t as intuitive. “REST” is so high-level, and often leads you into somebody else’s religious battle. I like Web-style, but it still seems a bit… architectural...

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What about just calling it 'web'?

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Call it what it is

Mark started the naming game again, then Sam and Simon quickly joined in. Why not just call it ’web’?...

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[from dhinchcliffe] Sam Ruby: WOA

Sam decides to take the term for a spin and see how it works. HTTP Web services is just a bit too unwieldy....

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