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Jonathan Schwartz: to get the latest updates directly from Sun, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feeds.

You know, people use the term RSS like Kleenex.  As long as Sun isn’t using RSS 2.0 to disclose financial results, it will probably be OK.  Let’s take a look at the first feed


Oh, well, it probably is still OK.  If RSS 2.0 is used correctly, and Sun is a technology company after all, it will probably be OK.  Probably.  Let’s take a closer look at that first feed.

This feed does not validate.  Eek!

Update: This comment from James Snell deserves highlighting: I would prefer and expect that a syndication feed discussing something as important as financial results would, at the very least, be digitally signed.

That’s embarrassing and should be fixed. I just want to point out that the feeds you reference above were not produced by Roller or ;-) Jonathan’s primary blog feed ([link] - Atom by the way), passes validation with some warnings due to embedded Flash and Javascript in the content.

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Jonathan’s primary blog feed ([link] - Atom by the way)

The investor relations site promotes a different feed for Jonathan’s blog.  Providing multiple feeds with the same content is not considered a best practice by many.  Including Microsoft.

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Yes, that should be corrected too. They’re using a pre-Roller3 URL, they should update that link to point to [link] which is the correct feed and the one promoted via auto-discovery links on Jonathan’s blog.

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Great Idea, A few nits

First off, let me just say that I applaud the intention of what Sun and Jonathan Schwartz are doing here and I would encourage IBM and other companies to follow suit. However, on a purely technical side, there are some problems with their approach....

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In a positive sign, by the time I read this post (after greader picked it up from planet tingly which picked it up from your feed), the feed validates.  Too bad it is still rss2.

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In a positive sign, by the time I read this post (after greader picked it up from planet tingly which picked it up from your feed), the feed validates.

Proceeding down the list, we come to this feed which, in addition to producing three warnings, and having enough blank lines to throw off both IE and Firefox’s feed sniffing logic, declares itself as rss version="2".

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after greader picked it up from planet tingly

You should totally rename it “Planet Tingly.”

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The Sun investors events feed now seems to validate just fine [link]. I guess they fixed it. Nice article though, too many badly formed RSS feeds out there!

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PR, Politics of RSS, Unintended Consequences

Continuing on yesterday’s topic of RSS, I am now starting to understand the importance of RSS standards and appreciating the related politics. There appears to be lots of teeth gnashing and back and forth about these topics. Here is where......

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intertwingly, it’s just so hard to spell really.

(Obviously, I’m a fan of short domains.)

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Maps n' Data

The New York Times has a nice article on maps and amateur map makers. The specter of ‘citizen journalist’ was brought in, but that was easy enough to brush aside. One point of disagreement I had with the Times article is that we aren’t becoming...

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Agile Financial Publishing

Tim Bray: Why Digital Signature? · This idea was first proposed by James Snell, and it’s a good one.  Mind you, the benefits are a little bit theoretical, since no feed-reading clients that I’ve seen actually check ... [more]

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