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Rails Edge - Very Stable Lately

Yehuda Katz: ... have focused quite a bit on maintaining backward compatibility (for the user-facing API) with Rails 2.3. If you try edge and find that we’ve broken something, definitely let us know.

I’ve been running automated tests on Rails, focusing on edge, for nearly a month now.  Four problems were found during the process:

If this trend continues — and I see no reason to believe otherwise — upgrading a deployed application to 3.0 (a major release) will prove to be easier than upgrading to a “dot” release (e.g. 2.3) was in the past.

Your link to ticker 2750 appears to be incorrect.  It points at 2779.

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Corrected to point to ticket 2759.  Thanks!

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6 Steps To Refactoring Rails (for Mere Mortals)

Since December, Rails has undergone a fairly significant internal refactoring in quite a number of areas. While it was quite tricky at first, we’ve started to hone a process for diving into a new area of the codebase and emerging some time later...

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6 Passos para Refatorar Rails (Para meros mortais)

Esse artigo é uma tradução do Post original do Yehuda Katz Desde dezembro, Rails sofreu uma importante refatoração interna em uma série de áreas, enquanto isso tava delicado no início, Nós meros mortais começamos a afiar o processo de mergulho numa...

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