AnilDash works for [WWW]SixApart and lives at He is a hero to small children everywhere, and has vowed to use his superpowers only for the purposes of ridding the world of All That Is Bad And Wrong. He hails from Antarctica, being the only warm-blooded mammal that has ever survived birth on the continent; he attributes his hardy good looks and strong constitution to the bitter cold winds that greeted his entry into the world. He likes Timberlake, puppies, Prince and daisies, strives to make the world a better place, and sports fantastic hair. Is the dude Indian ?

Anil was once a fairly obscure dude until he purchased "Blog In a Box." Through the power of blogging (or not even blogging), he has taken a media niche and carved a media empire swath.

In the event of a major catastrophe, his arms and legs are detachable, and his torso can be used as a heat shield. He doesn't mind: he's used to it. Hey, is this an editable website? Stupid question;-)