Woah, Wait a Minute, Hold It!

We could go through the voting process for the hundredth time. We could say that, come September the 30th, this format is called Nota or or Zing, or whatever wins this vote... but with under 20 votes per name? We could go through all the rigmorale of properly vetting the candidate that actually wins, just to find that really it's no good anyway, and have to start voting for the [too much]+1th time.

But let's not, okay? Instead, Just Use Atom.

Morbus Iff, writer of the popular AmphetaDesk newsreader (which is probably only really as popular as it is because of its name, so he knows a thing or two about naming) provides some excellent [WWW]rationale on the atom-syntax mailing list as to why we should use Atom. Go and read it! This page will still be here when you get back (well, it's a wiki so maybe not, but do it anyway).

Morbus has garnered nothing but support so far on atom-syntax, and the hope is that the same will occur on this wiki.

This format is called Atom in ubiquity throughout the blogging community. The legal issues surrounding Atom have been reported as null by investigative work from Sam Ruby and Aaron Swartz.

Even this little missive is being written by one of Atom (the name)'s biggest opponents. The naming process has gone beyond a joke, no one cares anymore (see Asbjorn's comments towards the end of this page), and Atom is used consistently through specifications, blog entries, and in the media. It's more than good enough, and it's just natural to use that name now.

NameFinalVote has already been done by the community, and they have chosen Atom. Please vote under Atom below.