This page describes common behaviors and features of blog services supporting the Atom Publishing Protocol.

(let's start this by cataloging the features supported by the various server implementations)

LC Blogs Google Blogger
app:draft (./) (./)
preserve entries x (./)
preserve ids x x
xhtml content (./) (./)
html content (./) (./)
text content (./) (./)
xml content x x x
binary content x x x
href content x x x
xhtml title x (./)
html title x (./)
text title (./) (./)
xhtml summary x (./)
html summary x (./)
text summary x (./)
auto summary (./) (./)
preserve rights x x
xhtml rights x x
html rights x x
text rights x x
author from auth credential (./) (./)
preserve updated x x
preserve extensions x x
rejects unknown extensions (./) x
preserve links x x
rejects unknown links x x
slug (./) x
multiple categories (./) (./)
preserve categories (./) x
multiple authors x x
multiple contributors x x
preserve contributors x x
preserve authors x x
app:edited sort (./) x
media link entries (./) x
etag x x
last-modified (./) (./)
uses ext app:controls (./) x
service document (./) (./)
auth basic+ssl gClientLogin| gAuthSub