Lawrence A. Gobright was the first Washington correspondent for the [WWW]Associated Press:

He covered politics for 30 years, and sent the first wire dispatch to the nation about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

I like adapting his name for this purpose for a number of reasons:







[jayseae] I like the reasoning to do with publishing. Definitely nice. The feelings are good too. Having trouble with verb usage. This page is GoBrighted? Take my GoBright... please! GoBrighten your day. I can't seem to quite get it. Any suggestions?

[JasonLefkowitz] Good point... maybe we could play with it a little, like this page has GoneBright, please GoBright your site, etc. Hey, that even rhymes -- GoBright your site! :-)

[AsbjornUlsberg] No matter what, I just keep reading Gob-Right. Clot-Right? Spit-Right? Saliva-Right? Uhm. I think not... -1

[JimHughes] GobRight is not going to work on many UK blogs, for all the reasons Asbjorn mentions, nope sorry -1

[JasonLefkowitz] Is this really a problem with the appropriate intercapping? I can see it for Gobright, but does it still bother you UKers if it's GoBright? I would think the capital B would break up any unfortunate saliva-related associations :-)

[AsbjornUlsberg] You're probably right. Then it's obvious that the name of this wiki page should be GoBrightNameDiscuss and not GobrightNameDiscuss. I don't think the name hits the spot, anyhoot.

[JasonLefkowitz] Agreed on the page name. Is there any way to edit a Wiki page title? I'm new at the Wiki thing and it's not clear if titles can be changed or not...

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