Commonly abbreviated I18N.

Internationalization is the focus on making technology easy to use for different languages, scripts, and cultures.

HananCohen raised an issue [WWW]BiDi in RSS? on the TechnologyAtHarvardLaw (RSS 2.0) forum, "No aggregator that I know of supports Bi-Directionality properly." and provided these RSS sample feeds in Hebrew:

In a [WWW]followup message, Hanan notes that the issue is not only "content-like" items (title, summary, content) but also in other text items, such as categories. He also points out potential solutions in the RSS format.

[BillKearney] to see a sampling of languages being used in something like RSS, visit the stats page on [WWW]Syndic8. There are a few listed as using [WWW]Hebrew


CategoryArchitecture, CategoryModel, CategorySyntax