Use Cases for different rel values

Note that this page is not for discussing the names for the rel value.

In the Referee/Referrer columns below, Comment means as in CommentsAreEntries. The only thing that distinguishes a "comment" entry from a "main" entry is that the comment has some kind of explicit relation to another entry. It should not be inferred that a "comment" entry itself means some kind of specific relation use case. The type of relation use case is given in the description.

Here is the back story. There are two individuals with weblogs, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo writes a long entry about apples. Juliet reads his entry and leaves a comment [A] on the site that she prefers pears. Later she wants to clarify what she said in the comment so she posts an Entry to her website[B] saying she meant peaches and not pears.

Romeo sees her Entry and is inspired to write an Entry on the joys of peach cobbler[C], he of course links back to her entry as the source of his inspiration.

Romeo then posts a follow-up Entry on his favorite recipes including apple pie, he link back to the previous article on peach cobbler as the inspiration[D].

Scenario Referee Referrer Description
A Entry Comment A comment on a post (both on the same domain)
B Comment Foreign Entry An Entry commenting on a comment of a different domain.
C Entry Foreign Entry A response Entry on another site.
D Entry Entry A follow-up post on a post (both on the same domain)
E Photo Entry Gallery Entry An individual photo that appears within a gallery. Same as a audio track that forms an album.