Naming It Pie Discussion

This page is for discussing the name of Pie for this project/effort.

What do you think of the name of this project/process should be? Pie? Echo? See NameIt for the open poll.

A quick due dilligence search on Google and Sourceforge shows the name to largely unencumbered, except perhaps for an unfortunate tendency to associate it with word "apple". [KellanElliottMcCrea]

How about PIE, and acronym for PIE Is Easy. [?]

Perhaps a connection to "pied type" would be intriguing. Pied type harks back to the days when typesetting was done with little pieces of lead that had letters on them. Pied type is when your painstakingly-sorted lead bits get all mixed together by accident. So... Unpied, perhaps, given that we are trying to sort out a whole bunch of previously-unsorted little weblog bits?

PhilWolff: I'm concerned that pie development will be easier to fork, but we can resolve those problems with a bake-off. Is each post a slice? Alternate content flavors, the fillings? Extensions, a la mode? XML the crust? Pies are perishable, with 'best if used by dates'. We can replace the little orange XML badges with pie tins. And we can visualize the protocol with... pie charts. Maybe it's really half-baked. Aggregators eat pie. As long as it feeds me, I'm gonna shut my pie-whole.

HarryBurns: I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie.

JamesCerra: Instead of calling the project, "Pie", why not just call it "Pie Syndication Format"? As stated above the terms aren't associated with anything on Google (so nobody should get upset). Of course, the next version should be called "Rho Syndication Format," but I like going backwards with "Omicron Syndication Format." :-)