Define a Date Construct to hold a publisher-selected date which need not be tied to an event in the publishing process.




* KarlGuertin * EricScheid -- not any more, see PaceDateOfSubject



Insert the following after section 5.6 "atom:updated" Element (draft-ietf-atompub-format-02.txt)

        === 5.7 "atom:dateline-date" Element ===

        The "atom:dateline-date" element is a Date Construct indicating a date and time 
        which the publisher wishes to associate with the contents of the entry. It need not 
        be related to events in the publishing process. For example, atom:dateline-date 
        might be used to express the date which a journal entry describes, although that 
        entry might have been written at a later date, or it may be used similarly to 
        automobile model years or magazine  edition months, both of which tend to be 
        dated after they actually become available.

        atom:entry elements MAY contain an atom:dateline-date element but MUST NOT 
        contain more than one. The content of this element MUST conform to the Date and 
        Time format defined in [WWW]RFC 3339.



AntoneRoundy (the author) and PaulHoffman, who were initially listed as supporters, have removed their support. The key reason was that the purposes of this element would be better served by a more comprehensive extension for specifying dates, times, locations, etc. of events, and that having an element in the core which duplicated part of the purpose of such an extension would be detrimental.