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Allow link element in entry to be optional if content is present.




The atom:link element is currently specified as MUST be present. This is a workable definition when it is assumed that an entry always has a permanant location ( However, if the content is included in the entry itself using the atom:content element, it is not clear that this content also has a permanant home. The content may be in the feed because it was dynamically created. An example would be where weather information is gathered in a data base. When the feed is loaded, the server simply generates entries (the weather for specific cities for example) and puts it in the feed in the content element. The entry never existed nor does it have a permanant location and thus the link would not be relevant.

My proposal is to slightly relax the requirements of the atom:link element in that it MUST be required if there is no atom:content element present; however, if an atom:content element is present, then the atom:link MAY be present.