Phaistos: Explanation

[AdamRice] From the [WWW]Phaistos Disk, a clay disk impressed with movable type ca 1700 BC. One of the most remarkable artifacts in the history of printing.

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[MikeBlumenthal] Does one of the great mysteries of antiquity, a document which, after almost 100 years of trying, is still a mystery not only as to it's meaning but even as to its purpose, and which stands as a paragon of impenetrability, really fit as a name for an interoperability format?

[jayseae] Actually, the current state of RSS is pretty much a mystery - why should this project be any different? I like the association with publishing - though I'm not sure the pronunciation really flows. Perhaps it could be shortened somehow?

[AsbjornUlsberg] Sorry, but I don't like it. We could just as gladly give the project any other Greek-sounding name, like Papadopolous.