Process for Picking a Name

Current Name Status

We started with Pie. The consensus then was that Echo had more pep to it. There's an [WWW]existing Java web framework that goes by the name Echo. We asked them if they were okay with us using Echo as well. [WWW]They said no, thanks. They added that they've applied for a trademark on the name Echo in a context that would probably be seen as too close to ours by the patent examiners. So we thought of new names and we came to consensus on Atom. But we're still discussing that.

Name Selection Process

Consensus is we need a new name and I would propose the following:

After a period of time, we can draw down to some finalists with the names that get the most support. We can then open a poll for them and also do some due diligence about whether or not they are usable.

Name Process Tips

Tips on how to help narrow down the contenders...

Forward Motion

It's not time to bring the process to a close yet, but it's time to think about how we're going to do it. Here's a possible method for determining the length of the "period of time" mentioned above: declare the submission phase finished when five business days have passed without any change in the number of votes any name has received. If a name has been suggested in that time, but it's gotten no additional votes, that does not count as a change in the number of votes it's received. At that point, we take either a) all the names that have gotten votes or b) the top fifteen vote-getters and figure out how to select one from there.

This process is predicated on the belief that consensus is unlikely to occur, as it did with Echo. If that belief is misplaced, the suggested process is flawed.


Voting -1 is a serious progress halting thing. Please do not vote against a Name unless it is broken.