Why PubZinc?

[AdamKinney] Pub derives from publish. Publishing data/content. We are pushing content out to those who grab it. Zinc is an element with the Atomic Number of 30, pulling from Atom. Zinc sounds cool, sure check out this link [WWW]The American Zinc Association. There's a quote on there that says:

Zinc is common cents. The U.S. penny is 98% zinc with a copper coating.

And that made me think of our current Feeds we have now. All of the content wrapped up just waiting for the last 2% of skin to applied and shown in the format of choice (aggregator, website, etc...)








[jayseae] All good, though I can't help thinking that it doesn't really fit the "usable, short" guideline. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you - but I personally am liking the short, single syllable names - they seem much more likely to get picked up and used. In that vein, how about just Zinc?

[AsbjornUlsberg] Zinc is better than PubZinc, as the word "pub" or "publish" is worn out and boring. Zinc is however a word which doesn't give me the right "feeling", but I might get used to it with time.

[DirkHaun] While I like Zinc as a name, my first thought was "isn't zinc poisonous?" According to it isn't, but it may be something the public could think (aka Urban Legend) and cause negative feelings.

On a side, note: The page above is from a company that has registered "VM Zinc" as a trademark. Possible trademark issues here?

[AdamKinney] I actually like the name Zing, which is similiar to Zinc but it seems to exist on the internet already in a few different incarnations. Or I know, maybe PubZing! Ok maybe not, that was just a joke. :)

[AsbjornUlsberg] DirkHaun: Zinc is not poisonous; we have it in our body. AdamKinney: Zing is a much better name. It's a spin on Sing, which is a happy word. The Z also gives Jazz-associations, which already has been proposed as a name for this project. Maybe you should add Zing up in the ProjectNameProposals?