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Wikis can provide more information than available via simple RSS, so we tried to agree upon a RSS module for wikis.

Discussion of the technical implementation has died down these days. This probably means that the technical aspects have stabilized.

Some wiki engine authors have added the RSS-for-wikis extensions to their software. There is not much talk in the wiki community about this, however, because RSS is a relatively new field for most wikis. The only reason RSS is gaining momentum at all is because it promises to achieve the wiki-holy-grail: "unified recent changes".

See, for example, TWiki

[WWW]JSPWiki provides a rich [WWW]RSS 1.0 feed with diffs as entries, etc. It also uses some of the tags from the Wiki RSS module defined above. My personal experience is that the RSS module defined above is rich enough and "ready enough" to be deployed.

-- JanneJalkanen

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