Well formed entry by example

A minimal well-formed log entry

An entry containing "Hello, world!" as embedded plain text.

name approximate type sample value status comments
itemid URI InProgess Not settled -- any URI vs. PermaLinks string "John Doe" consensus Cannot have zero authors; URI optional -- see Authors
itemdate datetime Fri Jun 20 12:54:02 PDT 2003 consensus AKA post date, publication date; dateformat/timezone TBD
lastmodified datetime Fri Jun 20 13:34:31 PDT 2003 InProgress May not be required; see TimestampVsCreationDateTime
content.type MIME type text/plain consensus MIME parameters, e.g. format=flowed, are specified as part of content type data "Hello, world!" consensus

[MishaDynin] Did I get this right? (Except the naming -- but this is not as important now if the semantics are clear.) Please DoNotEdit the table but add your feedback below.

Question: how is content encoding specified?

Question: is content.encoding required?

Note that content type, data, and encoding only applies to embedded data. External content referenced via URI doesn't need them. That would make the example: content.uri or content.type, content.encoding, and

Typical log entry

For example, [WWW]this one

An excerpt from log entry

An excerpt is not really a summary.

A multimedia log entry

An entry containing an embedded image and html.