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The End of the Beginning

Tim Bray: Atom is done.  Now the editorial processes grind away and eventually the official specification of the Atom Publishing Protocol will be an RFC substantially identical to draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-17; it’ll join RFC4287 as the official products of the IETF Atompub Working Group

Next up: a F2F interop event in Tokyo.  Followed by an online interop event in August.  There has even been some talk of a September interop event in the bay area.

Whoa – I was going to post the same thing in Tim’s comments as you titled this entry. (But didn’t as I didn’t have anything interesting to add.)

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The Atom Publishing Protocol is a Proposed Standard

Here is the IETF announcement that The Atom Publishing Protocol is a Proposed Standard . w00t! Tim shares his thoughts on what it all means. As for myself it’s been almost five years since I published RESTLog . Five years. And this is only the end...

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Sam Ruby: The End of the Beginning


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Atom Publishing Protocol now an IETF Proposed Standard

The IETF announced that is had approved the Atom Publishing Protocol to be a proposed standard. If you’ve been waiting for things to get finalized this is it....

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