Interop Event, July 30, 2007 in Tokyo



Tentatively (decided!):


Who's Invited

Anyone with working APP client or server code.


Proposed Agenda

Here's how I would like to run it:

  1. W/W/W/W. Everyone gets a few minutes stand-up time to do the who/ what/why/where of their APP client and/or server implementation. No slides! Since I imagine that some people will drift in late, whenever someone arrives, they do the w/w/w/w as soon as they've put their bag down. Let's try to capture everyone's W/W/W/W essentials somewhere on Sam's wiki.

  2. Interop!


For folks who cannot attend in person, some communication tools will be acceptable.

This meeting will share using [WWW]Panasonic BB-HCM581. The access URL will be opened later.

IRC: (English is welcome! We Japanese had studied English at high school for 6 years!! Is it true? ;-)

- Tatsuhiko Miyagawa of Six Apart, the maintainer of XML::Atom perl module, will watch the event remotely from San Francisco.


Please include your name, your affiliation if you feel like it, and identify the software you're bringing, and whether it functions as an client, server, or both.

- We, NTT Communications, will provide meeting room (up to 12 people) with broad band connection, lunch box, etc. Please write above list and contact me directly (hirosh-a ATSIGN as space and food has been arranged.


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