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Windows 7 on Ubuntu 8.10

Windows 7 is available for download for testing purposes only.  It can be made to work under VirtualBox OSE though getting network, sound, and Guest Additions requires some additional steps.

Download the iso and print or simply copy/paste the product key to some place safe.

Verify the download:

$ openssl md5 7000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_Ultimate-GB1CULFRE_EN_DVD.iso

Install VirtualBox:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose

Install Windows7:

Navigate to Applications => Accessories => VirtualBox OSE

New; Next; [Windows7], Other/Unknown; [1024 MB]; New; Next; Next; [200.67 GB]; Next; Finish; Next; Finish

Click on CD/DVD-ROM; Mount CD/DVD Drive, ISO Image File

Click on Folder icon on right center; Add; Computer; navigate to the iso file; double click on it; Select

Click on Audio; Enable; Host Audio Driver: ALSA Audio Driver; OK

Click on Start; [show this message again?]; OK

[set your language preferences] Next; Install Now; I accept; Next

Custom (advanced); Next

[installation will proceed; this will take several minutes]

[user-name], [machine-name]; Next

[password], [password], [hint], Next

[productkey you obtained from the download]; Next

Use recommended settings

Time zone, Next

When you see the betta fish, press right control to release the cursor

Get network and sound working using John Paulett’s instructions:

On Ubuntu:

cd ~/install_files
unzip -d driver
mkisofs -o driver.iso -R -J driver

Back on the Windows7 [Running] VirtualBox OSE window:

Devices => Mount CD/DVD ROM => CD/DVD ROM image

Add; navigate to and select driver.iso; Select

Windows Start button => Control Panel => All Control Panel Items=> Device Manager

Right click on Ethernet Controller => Update Driver Software => Browse my computer for driver software; Browse; Computer, D:, WinXP_SignedDriver; OK; Next; Close

[Wait a minute, and Windows7 will automatically start downloading and installing updates; Device Manager window will flash numerous times; eventually the flashing will stop with only the “Base System Device” indicating an issue; ignore]

Windows Start button => Shutdown => Restart

Audio will now work, but for some inexplicable reason, the screen resolution changes to 800x600.  Right click on the background; Screen Resolution; chose from one of the available resolutions (presumably there will be more and better choices once guest additions are updated for Windows 7); OK, Keep Changes