This page is out of date. The term Echo cannot be used for legal reasons (explained in NameItEchoConflict). This discussion has moved to ProjectNameProposals; see also: ProjectNameProcess, ProjectNameGuidelines.

Name It

[InvisibleHand] At this point, I'm declaring consensus for Echo, unless someone comes up with a really convincing reason otherwise.

[GrantCarpenter] The fact that another open source project is using the name, would like to keep it as their own and has a pending trademark application on the name seem like compelling reasons to me. I refactored the existing name proposals and tried to come up with something less chaotic as a process: ProjectNameProcess, ProjectNameProposals.

Need to secure a web domain name for it. I already checked for availability of echoformat and echoschema in com, net, org, info. They are both available now -- FrançoisGranger Not wild about it, but taking a page from Mono, go-echo is available in com, net and org flavors. [GrantCarpenter]

I registered for use in namespaces, specs, official documentation. This is just a redirection service though; we'd still need a domain name and a place to actually host the specs and whatnot. [MarkPilgrim]

[JamesSnell] My domain host provider [WWW]Robert Dodd of [WWW]Brink Technologies said he is willing to donate the server space for free if the bandwidth to the site can be contained within 10,000 requests per day. More than that, and we'll need to make other plans.


We need a name for what we're doing. Here are the ground rules (for more extensive guidelines and requirements, see ProjectNameGuidelines):

  1. Has to be something reasonably appropriate. We're going to have to get lots of people to support this.

  2. Can't be already used by something related (i.e. anything like RSS is off-limits). Please do a quick Google search to look for obvious conflicts.

We need a name for everything in the RoadMap:

  1. the project/process that's doing all of this

  2. the format for log entries

  3. the syndication and archving formats

  4. the log editing protocol

Ideally, 2-4 would be some simple modification of 1. For now, let's just discuss the name for 1, unless your suggestions for 2-4 are really clever.

A poll was taken on the name Pie with no clear consensus met. It has been moved to NameItPiePoll.

A poll was taken on the name Echo and consensus was reached. See NameItDiscussion.

New ideas are being proposed on ProjectNameProposals.