Atom could use a permanent home. There are specs listed here but an official site at it's own domain would perhaps be better in the long run.

Call for Help


[JasonShellen] I'm willing to devote time and resources to put this together but could use a few additional folks to help out.

[AnilDash] I can help in writing site copy or docs, but I'm useless on site design.

[SamRuby] You can count me in for technical documentation (Busy Developer Guides, etc).

[RicJohnson] We are willing to donate the domains [WWW], [WWW], or [WWW]

[RiptaPasay] I can provide around 75-100 MB of space and some GB of bandwidth for files and downloads, along with one subdomain under my dummy domain You can probably set a forwarding address to it from the or some other domain.

[MayoJordanov] I could give hand with site design/hosting/dns/etc. Also java/php contribution anywhere it may be required.

[MarioSalzer] You could also get a neat, professional looking and free web site desgin from [WWW]OSWD, that's at least what that people claim they're for.

[[WWW]AlexGadea] We've got a bunch of load balanced servers with extra space. Might be able to put up an additional server or provide load balancing among current servers.

[MattChaput] Count me in for site content, site design, technical documentation, and/or examples.

[AsbjornUlsberg] Count me in as well!

[AnilKandangath] Count me in for any technical documentation, examples or site design related work.

[[WWW]David Sharek] I am willing to help with site design.