Project Names Top Votes (So Far...)

The following proposed names for this project are listed here according to the following criteria:

  1. All names on this list come from the ProjectNameProposals page, [WWW]Names With At Least One Vote section

  2. Names are listed in descending order, based on number of votes (minimum 2)

  3. If two or more names have the same number of votes, they are then sorted alphabetically in ascending order.

NOTE: This listing is in NO WAY TO BE INTERPRETED AS A SHORT LIST of names to be considered for adoption. It is only offered as an quick/easy way to view the names with the most votes so far at this early stage in the project naming process.

Top Votes (so far...)

  1. Atom - 21 votes [MattHaughey] [MarkPilgrim] [JasonShellen] [SamRuby] [CameronMarlow] [JohnWehr] [AnilDash] [MegHourihan] [JoeGregorio] [BruceLoebrich] [RogersCadenhead] [TimBray] [JeremyGray] [ArveBersvendsen] [DannyAyers] [GaryBurd] [DaveWalker] [MattCroydon] [ScottWatermasysk] [GrantCarpenter] [StanFinley]

  2. Spark - 10 votes [JeremyGray] [BryantDurrell] [AndyYacoMink] [RogersCadenhead] [JoeBemo] [MichaelPate] [BrianVallelunga] [ChristianCrumlish] [RolandWeigelt] [TomasJogin]

  3. Lokahi - 8 votes [TimothyAppnel] [ShelleyPowers] [ChrisWilper] [DeveloperDude] [MichaelPate] [AsbjornUlsberg] [LeonardoHerrera] [CharlesGagalac]

  4. Necho - 7 votes [JoeMadia] [AlekSlominski] [ChrisLawrence] [DaveWarnock][LeonardoHerrera] [TomasJogin] [PeteProdoehl] [ZivCaspi]

  5. MetaPub - 5 votes [ShelleyPowers] [BryantDurrell] [JoeBemo][ChrisWilper] [MichaelBernstein]

  6. Wyre - 4 votes [JeremyGray] [SeanPalmer] [AaronSw] [AdriaanTijsseling]

  7. Feedcast - 3 votes [JesseJamesGarrett] [GaryF] [ChristianCrumlish]

  8. Pubs - 3 votes [ShelleyPowers] [DaveWarnock]

  9. Xark - 3 votes [RichardTallent] [DanDickinson] [FrançoisGranger]

  10. Cogar - 2 votes [ChrisWilper] [TimothyAppnel]

  11. Melange - 2 votes [Moof] [MichaelBernstein]

  12. MetaVox - 2 votes [JoeBemo] [MichaelBernstein]

  13. Paille - 2 votes [BorisAcquadro] [BertrandDuboux]

  14. Pie - 2 votes [FrançoisGranger] [ArthurJennings]

  15. Sygnal - 2 votes [TomasJogin] [SeanPalmer]